Looking for Investment Partners

I am currently looking for investment partners, one to prove the Build System I have works by getting planning permission, regulatory approval and complete a test site for further building planning and infrastructure.

For a minimum investment in a licence fee of R2.5m you will get an exclusive area for distribution with enough completed plans and material delivered to site for up to 450 squ meters. This could be one development of 100 x 45 squ units on land you own or a multi-home development block, perhaps a single über luxury home.

We can get plans done for high density houses, double glazing included in the design, for example once our part is done your Uber luxury house will be close to complete in under two weeks. The units will then be delivered in a just in time using alternative building materials and our methods will mean with the right person of vision we can grow this.

High speed, excellent guaranteed quality and built on time within budget, every time.

Do you have what it takes to take a step into the future of construction?

Contact Hilary on 0215567088 or 0843351636.

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