Risk & Business Continuity Management

Risk Management

Risk management comes in various  forms,  electronic, data, physical building management and  of  course  people. Is not about security guards and guarding services, its about limiting your risk exposure in an increasingly litigious society.

Electronic  Security

From  ensuring that your  data is  stored  safety by setting up the  correct policies,  to ensuring that your staff  are prepared  correctly for the  challenges  of  a  modern online  world.

Physically  we  can project manage the supply of  data  entry cards that  prevent physical data  loss.

Physical  Security – Health  and  Safety Security

Safety Fail

Safety Fail

Should you need a health and safety manager to assist with things such as protecting your liability and protect your assets we can provide assistance.

I go to the properties and do an on site assessment on your  behalf  to prevent expensive  claims  from happening  because  of  mistakes  that creep in when  builders  are working.  Sometime  simple things  that will make you say but I could have thought of  that.

When you have  an independent unit inspecting your premisses you can protect yourself from  expensive errors.

Business  Continuity Risk Management

Today with local risk it is  essential to have  plans  and  policies in place to manage  and  reduce  the problems  of  catastrophic  losses  due to stoppages, strikes, careless or  vindictive staff.

With affordable  plans  to suit your  budget we can   keep your  risk in check.

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