High Speed Train

South Africa Needs Mass Transport that ” Just Works “

These solutions require a Vision to accomplish the dream

South Africa needs solutions to create work and growth.
The dream is of a South Africa that has a high speed underground mag-lev trains linking cities together. By building this system in South Africa the GDP growth will increase eventually to around 9%

MAGLEV underground will create a groundswell for new inward investment,more taxes, the train will create a system or transporting the more than 11 million people in Cape Town upon completion.

Proven Technology
High Speed Mag-Lev Train Courtesy of Wikipedia – http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0f/Transrapid-emsland.jpg/800px-Transrapid-emsland.jpg

Why the Mag-Lev?

Because its sustainable over the long term.  The maintenance costs are 50% -80% lower and it requires less power to run, this translates to a lower cost of ownership in the long term. Its also cheaper to build roughly $3million per Km cheaper.

Social Investment First

Part if the vision is to provide housing for all the workers who are contracted to work on the project long term.  Short term workers will also be housed in custom built tower blocks and eco-efficient and friendly homes that are low impact. Some will be handed over to the local housing trusts and managed for those who qualify for low income housing.

Build a dream, Brick by Brick

Before this will be completed, its important that the needs of the workers are attended to as they are the ones who will be maintaining the train in the long term. So taking this into account means taking a load off the RPD and engaging the GEAR targets for improved social and local development.  Although the figures quoted in the proposal are low, this is deliberate the actual numbers are far far higher for job creation and upwards of 500 000 people and jobs per year will be created.

All Participants in the Transport Industry Will Be Needed

From taxi’s to mainline trains and buses, all participants will be needed.  Working together for the next 30 – 50 years the taxi and motor industry will experience an increase between 15% – 57% during the first 5 years. Car ownership will also increase to the more affluent models and the motor industry will grow up to 80% more than it is today.

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