Building Faster Cheaper, Better

New  Efficiencies  in Mass  Market Homes

With a  team of  engineers  and  builders we can provide  mass market home  building on a  scale  never before  seen in Africa.

With South Africa’s huge need  and  time limitations  its  all hands on deck.

Having come  up with a  new  way of  building homes  en-masse we can provide homes for up to 2500 people every three months.

With this new  technique we can build  upwards of  500 – 1000 homes  per  week.

Once in full production the secure keys/electronic  access cards  can be handed  over to the  new  tenants two weeks after completion.

Once  maximum capacity is  reached  of 100 homes  a  day it becomes  possible  to satisfy the  need  in a  reasonable  time frame.

With this original and  new  way of thinking everything is possible.