Solar Off Grid – Save Money On Power

Solar No Longer A  Luxury Item – Its Essential

When Building your  new  home the law  says you must build using sustainable  techniques  and  energy efficient processes  and  designs.

Once  a  full system of  water and  PV panels  are installed  your  electricity bills  from your  local utility power company will change  to a net gain and over a  year you will save  more  than the full amount you would have paid  if  you had  nothing.

In a  case  study where  the  house  would be  built  or  retrofitted with the full package which would cost approximately R289 000  in a  refit and  R253 000  in a new  build  that money can be  recovered  within five years  and  after this  the  excess  generated  will go towards  shortening the  time of the bond  repayments.

Given that the  new build is  the better way  with more  efficient modern windows, double  glazing and  passive heating and  cooling designed  into the  home, the  extra  that is  produced over a year  will result in a  net gain in power supply charge  that would other wise  have been paid  to the  utility company and  that R60 000  for  a  three  bedroomed  home electricity supply for  a year would then go into paying off  the mortgage.

The  side  effect of  a full install is  that power  outages  will never affect  the home and  will in effect help the local power suppliers  to reduce  costs  and  demand  for  supply when the  excess  is  fed into the  local grid.

The great news  is  that with this plan  your  excess power  will go towards paying off  the bond  as  soon as the system is  active.

In an example of  a  new  build  three bedroomed  home, with a double  garage and  electric  gate which would normally cost around  R1.2 million  the added  cost would bring up the  cost  but crucially also improve the  marketability when it comes up for  resale  and  will maintain its  value far better and  keep its  value even in depressed  economies  because  the  house over the life of its  bond  will have a  nett gain and  a much shorter bond  period  or  lower  nett bond  repayments  which are subsidised by the  full solar install.

So you need to ask yourself why you are not yet doing this.  Contact Hilary on 084 335 1636  to get your  home  self sufficiency started  today.

I will do an assessment based upon your current draw and you decide what or how much you wish to be off grid and not be affected by the Eskom issues. A typical store can save thousands and in some cases up to 150 000 per month by being totally self sufficient.

the price of electricity is only going to go up and although being off grid for now is really only for the wealthy, for businesses like service stations and 24 hour stores, its vital to have a solution that does not only rely on fossil fuels, which are expensive to use and maintenance (which we can do for your installation) does not come cheap. A properly done installation will leave you connected to Eskom but only when needed and this will keep your computers and other current sensitive equipment and infrastructure safe.