Progress – Slow But Sure

Just a  short posting to let everyone  know  we  are making progress.  As  with any project it takes  persistence  and  determination to make  anything happen and  then once  things  start moving they pick up speed.

The plan to date  has  been  very simple.  Phase one  has been to raise awareness  and  get people  comfortable with the  idea  of  having a  high speed underground  train. With awareness  growing  I  have been given some  really good advice and  I am now  asking for experts  to help.

Do you want to be  part of the  biggest infrastructure  project South Africa  has  ever seen?  Can you add  your  expertise  and  experience  to the project?  Then let me  know  how you can help.  Please motivate  your  email  by letting me  know  what you think you can add  and  what experience  you have in getting things done.