EU recently launched the €100-million programme infrastructure PPP program for South Africa

“The EU recently launched a €100-million programme designed to accelerate the preparation of social and economic infrastructure projects in South Africa” according to Cremer Media’s Engineering News. This means that my prediction that it will be possible to build the Mag-lev “Transrapid” based rail system underground to compliment and supplement the R256million rand investment in fixing 65 years of no investment in above ground rail systems.

This high speed underground rail system will help carry the huge load of people who won’t want to have to drive a three hour journey around the corner when it can be done in 11 minutes underground is still true and that the need is even greater today than it was in 2006.

The local ‘MyCity’ and National Bus Rapid transit system is 50 years late and again there are limitations that will plague the above ground system that will never plague the below ground systems and it will be reliable and without limitations such as weather, wind, rain and even flooding which it will be built to avoid and prevent the city coming to a complete halt. Necessary given the predictions about the Cape Coastline.